Should I Buy or Lease?

Buy vs Lease

If you’ve narrowed down your new or pre-owned vehicle search around Wall Township and are contemplating your financing options, you may be wondering: “Should I buy or lease?” There are advantages to each and that’s why T&T Coast Buick GMC is here to break down everything you need to know to make the right decision. See our overview leasing vs. buying from our dealership and then be sure to take a look at our inventory and other auto financing tips at T&T Coast Buick GMC today!

Advantages of Financing or Buying at T&T Coast Buick GMC

Whether you choose to finance or pay in full, these options enable you to eventually outright own your next vehicle and make it yours. Some perks of buying your next vehicle can include the following:

  • Total freedom to customize. When you choose to finance, you can customize your car as much as you’d like. Those who lease are restricted to minor OEM upgrades, while there’s no limit when it comes to personalizing a financed car. You also don’t have to worry about wear and tear on the vehicle.
  • No mileage limit. If you’ll be logging lots of miles, should you buy or lease? Leased vehicles must stay under a mileage limit per year, or the lessee will face a fee. Financed vehicles aren’t subject to mileage restrictions.
  • Sell or trade-in at any time. Owning your vehicle means that you can sell or upgrade at any time. Leased vehicles, on the other hand, can’t be sold and must be returned to the dealership when the lease expires.
  • Build equity and save money over time. Buying builds equity, and ownership will pay off down the road when your vehicle is paid off. If you continue to lease, you’ll always have a car payment to make.

Advantages of Leasing at T&T Coast Buick GMC

For Wall Township drivers that aren’t dedicated to a specific model for years to come, leasing enables the temporary ownership of a high-quality new model for a lower monthly payment, and less long-term commitment. The benefits of leasing include:

  • Lower cost upfront. A lease does not typically require a down payment (though a down payment could lower your monthly payment), so you can oftentimes pay less to bring your new car home to Wall Township.
  • Smaller monthly payments. It could cost you less each month to lease than to finance a similar vehicle, which means you could lease a certain vehicle that may have been out of your price range to purchase.
  • The latest technology features. If you’re concerned about your vehicle’s safety or infotainment technology becoming outdated, leasing ensures that you’ll always drive a vehicle with the latest technological innovations at your fingertips.

Explore Auto Leasing vs. Buying at T&T Coast Buick GMC 

Now that you’ve learned more about leasing vs. buying, take the next step to bring home your new ride on the Wall Township roads. Find the perfect new vehicle for sale at T&T Coast Buick GMC and save even more on your next purchase with our rotating selection of new car specials or offers and incentives. Speak with a member of our sales team who can answer your questions or use more resources like our monthly car payment calculator and vehicle trade-in tool. Contact us today for more information on whether to buy or lease, and set up a test drive in Sea Girt!